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Jen Kirkman and the Web Therapy team are joining neurotic forces

Web Therapy / Jen Kirkman: I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)

Deadline is reporting that ABC has picked up a new pilot from Lisa Kudrow and the team behind her now-canceled comedy series Web Therapy. Dan Bucatinsky, who wrote, produced, and starred on the Showtime show, will co-write the new pilot, centered on four women trying to hold on to feelings of relevancy as they slip into their mid-40s. Bucatinsky will be teaming up with stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman for the script, hopefully ensuring that all of the characters will be as foul-mouthed, neurotic, and charmingly fast of speech as Kirkman herself. (We would also accept “drunkenly rambling half-remembered historical anecdotes” as an accepted mode of Kirkman-related discourse.)

The so-far-untitled series is being produced by Kudrow and Bucatinsky’s Is Or Isn’t Entertainment, the same company that brought Showtime viewers four seasons of Fiona Wallice’s self-involved approach to the nominal assistance of others. It’s also being co-produced by Ryan Seacrest’s own Ryan Seacrest Productions, since you really do want to have an expert on hand when you’re writing about people desperately trying to cling to relevance as they enter their 40s.


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