The producers of the upcoming Jem And The Holograms movie have put out an open casting call for musicians, actors, and dancers to join their adaptation of the beloved ’80s cartoon. Fittingly, since the movie’s premise has been restructured to be all about an up-and-coming viral video star, the call is coming in the form of a request for YouTube videos, the better to cast a wider net and reach fans who both a) know what Jem is, and b) don’t mind that all the parts about the magical hologram computer have been taken out of the concept.

The call offers three ways for online artists to “star” in Jem. Musicians and dancers are invited to submit performance videos, using backing song and beats provided on the movie’s web site. Actors, meanwhile, are asked to go a little deeper into their Jem fandom: “Think of the person who has inspired you the most in your life. Record a video talking about how they have inspired you but pretend that you are talking to Jem instead. Channel your inner actor and let Jem know how she has given you courage to be yourself.”


So, there you have it, aspiring holographic thespians: Take a moment and think back to the most meaningful fragments of your life. The first time your dad told you he was proud of you. The high school English teacher who made you realize that “potential” wasn’t just some bullshit word people used to call you lazy, but a real thing hidden deep inside. Your first love, inspiring you to let your better angels rise, letting hate and despair fall away. Find those memories, and hold them tight.

Okay, now, edit all those boring old losers out, and replace them with Jem star Aubrey Peeples and all her kick-ass friends. Make sure to toss in some compliments about her super-cool eye shadow, and try not to mention the Misfits! (The Misfits do not appear to be a part of the new, improved Jem And The Holograms.) Okay, now wipe those tears away—why are you crying, Jem’s here, there’s no reason to cry—and stick the whole thing on YouTube. You’re gonna be famous!