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Jeffrey Tambor would like to remind you that he’s not “the guy from Ghost

Jeffrey Tambor (left) and Vincent Schiavelli (right). (Photos: Donna Ward/Getty Images, Keith Hamshere/Getty Images)

Jeffrey Tambor is a fantastically prolific actor, appearing in everything from Hill Street Blues to Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil, with a ton of rightly celebrated comedic and dramatic performances in between. One cinematic milestone he was not in, however, was Ghost, as he was forced to remind Ryan Seacrest this week during an appearance on Live With Kelly And Ryan.

Now, given the fact that Tambor mentions that people frequently confuse him with the late Vincent Schiavelli—who played the terrifying Subway Ghost in the aforementioned Patrick Swayze flick—in his new book, and the fact that Seacrest seemed to have a question about the confusion prepped and on-hand, it seems pretty likely that the host’s “flub” was less than genuine. That being said, Tambor’s reaction seems perfectly real, quickly switching into a smirking, pitying faux-anger at Seacrest that’s a lot of fun to behold. Tambor may not be pulling in those Ghost residuals, but his slow-burn response—“Oh, this is horrible. You’re going to be embarrassed”—is a strong reminder of why the Transparent and Arrested Development star is still one of our national acting treasures.


[via Variety]

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