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Jeffrey Tambor’s kids couldn’t care less about his book, interview him anyway

Screenshot: papercuts / YouTube

Actor Jeffrey Tambor of Transparent, Arrested Development, and The Larry Sanders Show fame has written a new book, Are You Anybody?. So, naturally, he decided to conduct an interview with the people who couldn’t possibly care less: His own children.

Hosted by his hilarious and adorable son, Gabriel—who responds to the question of whether or not he knows what The Larry Sanders Show is with an emphatic, “No!”—the interview doesn’t reveal much about the actor so much as it teases that whatever you want to know lies within the book. Good marketing, that.

If there’s one thing Tambor’s kids seem to have watched it’s Arrested Development, as they seem well-versed in banana stand jokes (even if they sometimes call it the banana store). Come for the cuteness, and stay for the mispronunciation of “debut,” which is exactly what you’d imagine it to be.


[via Laughing Squid]

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