We’ve got some relief for sarcasm-starved Joel McHale fans, jonesing for a little extra eye-rolling and snark now that The Soup and Community are both off the air: An exclusive deleted scene from the final season of the beloved canceled sitcom, with McHale’s Jeff Winger ripping into the twee pretensions that so-often surround the modern wedding.

Unsurprisingly, the clip comes from “Wedding Videography,” the documentary-shot penultimate episode of the show’s final, Yahoo!-based season. (You can see the subject of the wedding, Erik Charles Nielsen’s perpetual background player Garrett, doing what he does best, glaring from out of focus, during the clip.) Featuring Jeff calling out both “cousins playing acoustic covers of decade-old songs”, and “college roommate reading saccharine sentiments from childrens’ books”, the deleted scene is one of several extras that will be included on the Community season six DVDs—optimistically titled Community: The Complete Final Season?—when they come out on March 8.