(Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Jeff Tweedy’s appearance on @Midnight is tonight and it turns out he was clever and delicately amusing about music based on this clip from Pitchfork. The Wilco frontman played a hashtag game called #OneWordOffSongs, and came up with the likes of “Ob La Di Al Qaeda” and “Sweet Home Williamsburg.” Nice burn there, Tweedy.


@midnight with Chris Hardwick


Tweedy wasn’t quite as blue as his fellow competitors, David Koechner and Jen Kirkman, the latter of whom dropped “Smells Like Teen Scrotum.” Kirkman also paid tribute to Wilco with “I Am Trying To Break Your Fart,” but, to be quite honest, we’re disappointed no one came up with “Heavy Metal Bummer.” Missed opportunity, folks.