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Jeff Goldblum was almost the voice of Apple

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Jason LaVeris)

Apple products are known for being sleek and stylish, but Steve Jobs apparently had a vision that involved them becoming delightfully strange as well. That’s because Jobs once asked Jeff Goldblum if he would be “the voice of Apple,” an offer that Goldblum explains in an interview with Australia’s Today Show (via Esquire). Goldblum says he had gotten a call from Jobs “a few decades ago,” but he “did not know it was Steve Jobs,” so he turned the offer down.

Esquire says Goldblum could’ve been the voice of Apple’s digital assistant Siri, but the real Siri, Susan Bennett, only recorded the voice samples that Apple uses in 2005. So if Goldblum was talking to Jobs “a few decades ago,” it probably wasn’t for Siri, unless Jobs had the foresight to recognize how awesome it would be to put a celebrity voice inside a phone years before the phone itself was actually invented. It seems more likely that Jobs wanted Goldblum to do voiceovers for ads, or maybe record “you’ve got mail”-style messages for Apple products, but it’s impossible to really say.


Either way, having Goldblum be the voice of Siri would be incredible, and—if anyone at Universal Pictures is reading this—would be a great tie-in for his upcoming role in Jurassic World 2.

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