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Jeff Goldblum meets Jeff Goldblum in this meta Independence Day: Resurgence promo

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Jeff Goldblum is really leaning into being Jeff Goldblum these days. The latest promo for Independence Day: Resurgence offers two Goldblums for the price of one. Here Goldblum teams up with Earth Space Defense director David Levinson (Goldblum’s Independence Day character) to debunk the conspiracy theory that they are the same person—a rumor that has been swirling ever since Levinson became an international hero for his role in the War of 1996 (a.k.a. the events of the first Independence Day). This video confirms that they are, in fact, different people, though it doesn’t reveal how Goldblum managed to survive the catastrophic destruction of that alien attack 20 years ago (maybe he just hid in a closet like Vivica A. Fox).

It’s a notably bizarre way to advertise the film, though to its credit, it’s much better than the similarly meta Julia Roberts gag in Ocean’s Twelve. Plus it allows one Goldblum to note, “Your [eyes] look like a glass of brandy on a table as the sun comes in the window at sunset,” with the other Goldblum responding incredulously, “Really? I guess that’s an actor talking.” Those who want another chance to see two Goldblums for the price of one can check out the Independence Day double features screening across the country.


[via Laughing Squid]

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