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Lately, the hot trend in the field of Jeff Goldblum interviewing has been to ask him to do all sorts of odd things and then marvel as he gamely does them. We’ve seen him read horny tweets about himself. We’ve seen him purr like a cat. We’ve even seen him, for whatever reason, play Seymour Skinner in a table-reading of “Steamed Hams.”

This delightful interview with Stephen Colbert, however, serves as a reminder that Jeff Goldblum doesn’t need any of your props, man. Colbert is more than content to wind Goldblum up and let him go, and the results are highly satisfactory. Exchanging pleasantries, Colbert is unable to get out a proper question before Goldblum is diving into a minor fishing injury Colbert apparently incurred. Before you know it, the two are dumping cough drops and Advil all over Colbert’s desk and struggling through Truman Capote trivia questions. The top highlight among many is Goldblum claiming he lives more in 10 minutes than most people do a lifetime, a statement that is wildly hyperbolic, but also, hmm... maybe?


All of this comes in service of Goldblum ostensibly promoting his movie The Mountain, a movie in which Goldblum plays a lobotomist whose exterior Goldblumian joviality hides a dark and cruel interior. Who can say if Goldblum himself is carrying a darker inner-life, but he is carrying around a lot of cough drops.

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