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Jeff Goldblum has a No. 1 jazz album, which is probably a real joy for non-Goldblum jazz musicians

He definitely stole that hat from Elvis Costello, right?
Photo: Gina Wetzler (Getty Images)

In news we have to assume comes as a chipper, weird-energied delight for all those hard-working jazz musicians who didn’t happen to be a mainstay of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jeff Goldblum now has his first No. 1 record. Specifically, Goldblum’s The Capital Studios Sessions—recorded along with his Mildred Snitzer Orchestra—has come in at number one on the Billboard charts for both Jazz and Traditional Jazz. (It’s also No. 4 in the “Heatseekers Album” category, possibly guided by some sort of coded-on-a-Mac alien computer virus to seek out all that delicious musical heat.)

Admittedly, that top-place finish only represents about 3,000 albums sold, according to The Hollywood Reporter, suggesting that the jazz market isn’t quite the thriving beast that it was back in Herbie Hancock’s day. Still, a win is a win, with Goldblum presumably issuing some kind of weird little laugh at the news that his attempt to revisit an age “when jazz was fun, social, sexy music, instead of something a little more esoteric” has landed well.


Meanwhile, this remains our personal all-time favorite Goldblum track.

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