To the world at large, Jeff Garlin is an actor, filmmaker, and comedian, best known for playing Larry David’s manager on Curb Your Enthusiasm. To the podcasting world, he’s known for that and loudness. As regular listeners of Doug Loves Movies can attest, Garlin tends to dominate any episode he guests on, just like his comrades in loudness T.J. Miller and Pete Holmes. (Get all three of them together, and watch out.)

But now that Earwolf Media is giving Garlin his very own podcast, By The Way, In Conversation With Jeff Garlin, maybe he won’t have to be so loud to be noticed. (But where’s the joy in that?) Garlin detailed the new podcast in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, describing it as a low-key chat.

“It’s me and my special guest, whoever they may be, in conversation. It’s not an interview per se, like you’re interviewing me. When someone’s career comes up—which it always does—it comes up in natural conversation, it’s not specifically to promote anything.”


The podcast kicks off Thursday with Larry David, and some of the upcoming guests include Lena Dunham, Jeff Tweedy, Michael Moore, Garry Shandling, and Sarah Silverman. Garlin has a stockpile of interviews, apparently, as he’s been recording them for more than a year without knowing what he’d do with them. The podcast will appear every other Thursday on iTunes,, and we’ll get the feed in Podmass Central too.

By The Way kicks off what could be another big year for the Earwolf podcasting network, which jumped from 1.2 million to 4.6 million monthly downloads in 2012. It also launched one of the year’s best TV shows—a half-hour adaptation of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast—and is in the process of signing a first-look deal with a cable network. And most importantly, Marissa Wompler got her own podcast with Jason Mantzoukas, Brian Huskie, and Lennon Parham.

Look for a review of By The Way in Friday’s Podmass.