Jeff Fahey (right) with James Bond

Jeff Fahey, who’s most recently recognizable for roles in Lost (chopper pilot Frank Lapidus) and Under The Dome, will join the cast of Justified for a “multi-episode guest gig” as part of the show’s final season, according to EW. Fahey is a character actor with a lengthy credits list that includes plenty of high- and low-profile gigs, from trashy TV to big Hollywood movies, though we’ll always know him best as The Lawnmower Man. (You can read about a bunch of his roles in our Random Roles interview with him from 2012.) On Justified’s final season, he’ll play Zachariah Randolph, an “old coot from the hill country.” Previous season six casting announcements have included Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt, both of whom have also been subjects of Random Roles. Coincidence? Perhaps. Season six begins airing in January.