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Today, in dumb comma dumber news: Jim Carrey announced this afternoon that his new “semi-autobiographical” novel, Memoirs And Misinformation, has found its ideal audiobook narrator: Carrey’s old pal Jeff Daniels. Daniels apparently took the job at Carrey’s explicit request, with the actor-turned-author trusting his friend and former co-star to handle the gravity of a book that blends elements of Carrey’s real life with what’s sounding like a particular unhinged brand of modern-day satire. (The audio sample of Daniels reading the book, for instance, is a description of an unnamed but obvious Donald Trump keeping a horde of women to beat up in his Las Vegas penthouse. So that’s fun/potentially triggering.)


Co-written with Dana Vachon, Carrey’s book centers itself on “Jim Carrey”—“an insanely successful and beloved movie star drowning in wealth and privilege—but he’s also lonely.” Accompanied by Nicolas Cage and Charlie Kaufman—being deployed as someone else’s metaphysical commentary on Hollywood reality for once—the book sees Carrey (“Carrey”?) pursue Oscar greatness and a new romance in apparently equal measure while the end of the world looms. All of which sounds pretty intense, so thank goodness we’ll have Daniels’ soothing tones to help us get through the chaos.

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