The Martian, Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi movie about a guy getting stranded on Mars, continues to flesh out its supporting cast with people who won’t get stranded on Mars. Matt Damon will be playing the unlucky astronaut, with Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and maybe Kristen Wiig playing other characters who will probably look up into the sky and think, “Well, at least I’m not stuck on Mars like Matt Damon.” Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Daniels will also be in The Martian, and he also won’t be getting stuck on Mars. Daniels will be playing the director of NASA, a man who is tasked with orchestrating a plan to rescue Damon. That probably means Daniels will be in Newsroom-mode instead of Dumb And Dumber-mode, though it would be funny to see the director of NASA drive a dog-shaped car and get his tongue stuck to an icy pole. Or was it Jim Carrey who got his tongue stuck to the pole? We don’t really remember Dumb And Dumber, but the sequel comes out soon, and it will almost certainly improve upon the first one by having both guys get their tongues stuck to stuff. Anyway, Jeff Daniels is going to be in The Martian.