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Illustration for article titled Jeff Daniels isnt just gonna wait for his bosses approval to report that emThe Newsroom/em has been renewed

Always willing to go rogue and say the things his corporate cable overlords are too afraid to in a TV show, Jeff Daniels has taken it upon himself to declare that The Newsroom will get a third season—even if HBO doesn’t like it, or hasn’t actually made an official announcement. But that’s just the sort of maverick-y, truth-to-power-speaking Daniels pretends to do as principled anchorman Will McAvoy, who similarly wouldn’t sit back and wait for his bosses to give him the go-ahead to say it had renewed the show, or even confirm that Aaron Sorkin has worked out the scheduling issues HBO’s Michael Lombardo hinted would be the chief impediment to a third season. Still, with the show’s ratings outperforming its first season, and Lombardo saying the odds for renewal were “excellent,” it seems likely that a more official announcement will be forthcoming. And when it happens, you’ll remember that Daniels broke the story first, because damn it, that’s what he’s hired to pretend to do.


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