Expressing the same ”Why the hell not?” spirit that causes men in their 50s to run around ripping catheters out of people’s crotches and admiring cats’ buttholes like a bunch of 30-year-olds, actor Jeff Daniels and writer-director Peter Farrelly both say they guess they’d be up for doing a third Dumb And Dumber movie. Farrelly apparently showed vague interest in a second sequel during the afterparty for Dumb And Dumber To’s Los Angeles premiere, saying, “Depending how this does, I could see doing another. I just really enjoy this movie and working with those guys. Yeah, I could see doing it again.” Daniels expressed a similar shrugging enthusiasm for another round of poop jokes, dead birds, and the hilarious sexual exploits of the elderly, saying, “I love the Farrellys, I love Jim. There’s great value in making people laugh 20 years ago, and, I hope, now. And [if] you get to do it again, you get to do it again.”

The viability of any future adventures for Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne remains in the hands (or shoulders) of the viewing public, who must collectively decide which shrug they’ll give Dumb And Dumber To when it opens nationwide on Nov. 14. Will it be a shrug of grudging, nostalgic acceptance? Or bored, cold indifference? Only then will the fate of Daniels and Farrelly’s proposed not-all-that-passionate project be decided.