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Jeff Bridges won't confirm or deny smoking with Snoop Dogg before his Jimmy Kimmel Live interview

Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jeff Bridges is turning 70 in December, a fact that should only surprise those who’ve missed his gradual transformation over the years from the surfer boy movie star’s son, to pretty romantic lead, to the Dude, to the grizzled old prospector he’s been playing on- and off-screen for a decade. Still, Bridges isn’t slowing down much, as he told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s show, noting that he’d stopped by other guest Snoop Dogg’s dressing room before coming out to promote his new book of photography and generally just be grizzled and effortlessly charming. Asked by Kimmel if he had just partaken with other renowned herbalist Snoop, Bridges answered mischievously, “Well, that’s none of your damned business, James.” Kimmel tried to give his guest the sniff test, but Bridges wasn’t giving off any clues, telling his host, “I’ve got a great threshold.”

For those whose threshold for twinkly Jeff Bridges anecdotes is understandably limitless, the rest of the appearance was pretty darned delightful, as Bridges (who appeared at times to be turning into Kris Kristofferson like that unnerving Bill Hader video) told Kimmel about the huge party his wife and best friend are planning for him in secret. Claiming to be overwhelmed at the prospect of all his decades’-worth of “musician buddies and ancient friends” who’ll no doubt be in attendance, Bridges explained that his very Dude-like plan for the to-do will be to “show up and let it wash over me.” Kimmel speculated that that’s sort of Bridges’ general plan for everything, which seems like a safe bet.


Still, as Bridges whipped out his unique, panoramic camera to add Kimmel and his audience to his collection of appropriately wide-angle and slightly trippy memories, the actor ran down how quick on the draw he’s been to catch photographs like the one Kimmel showed of Bridges’ onscreen Seabiscuit wife Elizabeth Banks holding a hanky to her bleeding nose after an over-enthusaistic Bridges accidentally whapped her in the face during a race scene. (She was fine, because how can you stay mad at Jeff Bridges?) Taking control of Kimmel’s show for the time it took to pose the host for several of the swing-lens camera’s double-faced portraits, Bridges urged Kimmel to just go with it with another Jeff Bridges-ism, “We’re just gonna jam here, man,” before literally rolling back in his seat in a heedless delight one can’t but describe as Bridges-esque.

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