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Jeff Bridges to get drunk, shoot stuff in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

True Grit

Once-and-future Dude Jeff Bridges has joined the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming sequel to his surprisingly energetic (and surprisingly successful) head-exploding spy romp. Bridges announced his involvement the same way most of the cast has, by tweeting out a poster for the movie, complete with a prop and a quote from his character:


So, what do we know about Bridges’ grizzled new role? (To be fair, we’re kind of just assuming the grizzled thing.) Well, he likes to drink, and he uses the word “vex” in polite conversation, suggesting that Vaughn is comfortable having Bridges play to what we might call his “core competencies.” (Weirdly enough, the film already has an actual gunslinging cowboy, played by Game Of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal, but maybe he and Bridges can share their whiskey-drinking, trick-shooting duties.)

The new movie will see British secret agents Taron Egerton and Mark Strong travel to the United States, teaming up with their patriotic counterparts, The Statesmen. Other cast members include Halle Berry and Bridges’ old Big Lebowski co-star, Julianne Moore, who’ll presumably ask him not to be so fatuous while they’re trying to kill each other with guns.


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