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Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Mike Nichols team up for Oscar-baiting Great Hope Springs

On June 11, 78-year old Mike Nichols received the American Film Institute’s 38th Life Achievement Award for a career that continues to impress and expand. (AFI obviously didn't count What Planet Are You From?) According to Cinematical, Nichols might add another Oscar to his already impressive mantle by signing up to direct Great Hope Springs, a dramedy penned by TV writer Vanessa Taylor about a married couple of 30 years who undergo an intense weekend counseling session and are forced to reevaluate their marriage. Playing the couple? Meryl Streep and recent Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, which—on paper, anyway—makes Great Hope Springs look like a shoo-in come Academy Awards time. For a short while, Philip Seymour Hoffman was attached to bring additional Oscar pedigree by playing the couple’s counselor, but the role is now vacant as Hoffman had scheduling conflicts. Cinematical makes a good point that another Hoffman (specifically, Dustin) might be a good match—and it would make for an exciting reunion with both Nichols and Streep.


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