Those clowns in Congress sure have done it again. They are such clowns. Why, at this point, even a Hollywood celebrity would do a better job running this country than our elected officials, if only a Hollywood celebrity were ever given the chance to do that. Actually, an intrepid group of Facebook users actually tried to make that happen recently, with almost 4,000 people pledging their support of Jeff Bridges becoming a United States Senator.

Unfortunately for fans of wacky ideas that don’t make any sense, Bridges will absolutely not be running for Senate, no matter how many people on Facebook think he should. Bridges, obviously, wasn’t involved in creating the group in any way, and its existence came as a surprise to him. During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Bridges said that when he told his wife, Susan Geston, about the grassroots campaign, she responded with a definitive “don’t even think about it.”


According to The Wrap, this whole idea came as a response to a politician in Montana dropping out of the Senate race amidst a scandal involving him plagiarizing a term paper—which should be a lesson to any kids out there who think it’s “cool” to cheat on homework. Apparently, the founders of the Facebook group see Bridges as a “bullet-proof candidate,” because “you could post photos of him naked, smoking pot and it wouldn’t affect him.” While that’s probably true, it doesn’t necessarily reflect his ability to hold a public office. Luckily, Facebook groups don’t determine who controls political power…yet.