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Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch join Josh Brolin’s manly firefighter movie

Seventh Son/Lone Survivor

It’s a good time to be a man in Hollywood, and not just because you can continue to get leading roles opposite significantly younger women while your bones turn to dust, and not just because you tend to get paid more than women, and not just because of all the other benefits that men tend to get in society, but because Lionsgate and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski seem to be intent on hiring every man they can for an upcoming firefighter movie. We previously reported that Josh Brolin and Miles Teller had been cast in the film, and now Variety says that Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, and James Badge Dale will be joining them as well.

The project is currently untitled, but it will reportedly be based on the true story of 19 firefighters who died while battling “one of the deadliest wildfires in history” as they tried to save a town in Arizona. Given that premise and the many famous men involved, the studio is probably hoping it’ll be a proud entry in the “manly emotions” genre alongside stuff like American Sniper and Lone Survivor.


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