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Screenshot: Deerskin (YouTube)

Quentin Dupieux, the madman behind killer-tire flick Rubber, returns next month with Deerskin, a high-concept meta horror-comedy about a deerskin jacket and the would-be filmmaker it drives to cinematic madness. Our own A.A. Dowd caught the oddball film at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, and praised it for being “a much more inspired dabble in Dadaist lunacy than [Dupieux’s] earlier whatsits.”

The Artist’s Jean Dujardin stars as a washed-up weirdo who blows his life savings on the film’s central jacket, then masquerades as a filmmaker to try and bilk a little cash out of aspiring editor (Portrait Of A Lady On Fire’s Adèle Haenel). Soon, the jacket becomes integral to his violent brand of vérité moviemaking, and his quest veers deeper and deeper into absurdity.


“Dujardin, in what may be his most restrained comic performance, commits to the pathetic, deranged pathology of the character,” we wrote in our review, “scoring tons of laughs through his hapless bumble into ‘creativity,’ which leads into much darker territory.”

Watch the trailer below.

Deerskin hits select theaters on March 20.

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