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Jean-Claude Van Damme gets his own high-octane coloring book

Illustration: Ryan Durr

So-called “adult coloring books” have become rather popular of late, and they’re just fine for people who want to decompress by meticulously filling in nature scenes or calming geometric patterns. But for those who want their coloring books to contain plenty of high-kicking, spine-snapping, blood-spilling action, artist and writer Ryan Durr has created JCVDots. This old-school activity book is filled with connect-the-dots puzzles, word searches, and ready-to-color scenes based on the career of Belgian-born actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme, a man popularly known as “The Muscles From Brussels” or simply “JCVD.”

Here’s an opportunity for readers to fill in the actor’s magnificent mullet from 1993’s Hard Target:

Fans can also use their crayons to depict bodybuilder Bolo Yeung’s formidable pecs from 1988’s Bloodsport. For those unfamiliar with the film, Van Damme feigned blindness in this sequence, hence the stance.

Illustration Ryan Durr

The actor’s considerable science-fiction work has not been ignored either. Witness this high-tech tableaux from 1994’s Timecop. “But remember,” writes Durr, “same matter cannot occupy the same space.”

Illustration: Ryan Durr

This being a coloring book, readers are invited to use whatever hues they desire to complete these scenes. But it seems like it would be an insult to Van Damme’s legacy not to use plenty of blood red.


Copies of JCVDots can be purchased here.

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