Having officially coronated himself as the king of all hip-hop with Watch The Throne—not to mention those preceding 15 years of boasting that he’s the best rapper alive—Jay-Z has understandably run out of nice things to say about himself. So during a radio interview with Miami’s 99 Jamz, he spared some compliments for wife Beyoncé, calling her the “second coming” of Michael Jackson—a statement he admits is “blasphemy,” but which he can’t help making because of her hard work and her dedication, even if the implication that he's sleeping with Michael Jackson is sort of uncomfortable. Of course, there are some other similarities there, such as terrible showbiz fathers, questionable movie roles, and allegations of skin lightening. Though if Beyoncé truly wants to be the second coming of Michael Jackson, she needs to start doing creepier things. Start making weird playdates with Willow Smith then get some monkeys!