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JAY-Z releases three new bonus tracks and a Mahershala Ali visual for 4:44

(Photo: Adam Rose/ABC via Getty Images)

JAY-Z continues to expand and promote his latest album/visual album/experience, 4:44, adding three new bonus tracks to its Tidal release this weekend. The three new songs are “ManyFacedGod” (or maybe “MaNyfaCedGod”), featuring James Blake, “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family”—which, as the title suggests, features vocals from JAY-Z’s five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter—and “Adnis.” The latter, which touches on a lot of unresolved daddy issues, got the full-court press treatment, in the form of a new “visual,” starring Mahershala Ali, which also seems to be one of the videos that kicked off the big 4:44 marketing push.

As always, you’ll need a Tidal subscription to see the whole thing, but you can hear the new tracks in full over at Pitchfork, and see a preview for the Ali video on Tidal itself.


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