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JAY-Z, Miley Cyrus, Dead And Company, and Chance The Rapper to headline Woodstock 50

Like this, but with Miley Cyrus instead of ICP
Photo: Scott Gries (Getty Images/ImageDirect)

A whole generation’s innocence was shattered by the disastrous Woodstock 99, an event that updated one of music’s most iconic symbols of peace and love by throwing in the sort of butt-rock, nu-metal bullshit that people liked in 1999. Now that it’s another year that ends in a nine, though, original Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang has returned to try and reclaim some of that positivity with a 50th-anniversary festival called—appropriately enough—Woodstock 50. When the event was first announced at the beginning of the year, Lang would only confirm that the three-day festival would feature “big-name headliners,” but he wouldn’t name any specifics.

Now, though, those big-name headliners have all been announced via Twitter, the only medium that’s as full of peace and love as Woodstock (well, the 1999 version of Woodstock at least):


The Killers, Miley Cyrus, Santana, and The Lumineers will headline the first night of the event on August 16. Things will get a bit more ’60s-inspired by Dead & Company heading up the second night on August 17 alongside Chance The Rapper, The Black Keys, and Sturgill Simpson. The festivities will end on August 18 with JAY-Z, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, and Janelle Monáe (she’s actually on the second line on that poster, but come on).

Woodstock 50 will be held at Watkins Glen, a village in New York near the original Woodstock site of Bethel. As noted by Billboard, the original Woodstock site—which is now a 15,000-seat performing arts venue—will feature a separate Woodstock celebration on the same weekend as Woodstock 50, with Ringo Starr and Santana as its headliners. That means you can probably hear “Smooth” at both if you’re lucky! Anyway, tickets for Woodstock 50 will go on sale April 22, which is two days after The Big Weed Day (a relevant fact for the sort of hippies that like Woodstock).


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