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Jay-Z lifts Fun Fun Fun Fest's Run-DMC hook for his own festival

Never one to shy away from co-opting someone else's swagger, Jay-Z has announced that his upcoming music festival melting pot Made In America will feature a headlining performance from the reunited Run-DMC on Sept. 2, a full two months before the group was scheduled to make its first triumphant return to the stage at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Still, how could Run-DMC resist heading to Philadelphia to take part in a two-day concert dedicated to celebrating Jay-Z's America—an America that also now includes Canadian guy Drake and Swedish people The Hives, apparently? They join a list of recent additions like Chris Cornell, Jill Scott, and blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr. (who is among the only artists on the bill who actually sound like they should be playing a festival called "Made In America"), as well as previously announced performers such as Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Passion Pit, Rick Ross, Dirty Projectors, D'Angelo, and Odd Future. Tickets go on sale this Friday, cold-filtered through the Budweiser website for a smooth, watered-down taste all Americans can swallow.


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