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Jay-Z is putting together his own music festival

Addressing one of the few remaining enterprises without his name on it, Jay-Z will curate and headline a two-day music festival in Philadelphia this September 1 and 2, personally selecting a lineup of over 20 musical acts to perform with him. As of now, the question of who those acts will be and how many of them will just be Memphis Bleek wearing different outfits has yet to be answered, though there are a few details that have emerged: Tickets go on sale May 23, it will be called the Budweiser Made In America Music Festival (which evokes more of a Bachman Turner Overdrive vibe than Jay-Z, but whatever), and some proceeds will go to benefit the United Way. If you're so inclined, you can watch a rather dull video of the festival's announcement below, wherein Jay-Z takes the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art made famous in Rocky and surrounds himself with a posse comprised of Freeway, Mayor Michael Nutter, and various corporate representatives, as each them takes turns spitting a PR verse.


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