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Today in news that should be of no interest to the other investors behind Tidal, Jay Z is being sued by a licensing company for not promoting his Gold Jay Z fragrance enough. (See, because Jay Z pushes Tidal a lot and likes to talk about how great it is.) That comes from Page Six (via Uproxx), which says Perfumania Holdings Inc. is accusing Jay Z of collecting $2 million in royalties while refusing to plug his fragrance on Good Morning America and at a special Macy’s event, as well as rejecting “five prototypes for an 18-carat gold capped bottle” and being generally unavailable for meetings in 2014 to discuss “spinoff scents.”

Basically, it sounds like Jay Z decided that being a fragrance mogul on top of all of the other things he’s a mogul of wasn’t especially interesting, so he gave up. Perfumania says this sudden disinterest is to blame for the sales of Gold Jay Z suddenly dropping from a projected $35 million last year to a paltry $6.1 million. The company is now looking to get Jay Z to pay back the $2 million in royalties it already gave him plus another $16 million in damages.


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