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Jay-Z hosts exclusive listening party for Watch The Throne, doesn't say when the rest of us will hear it

More information on the Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration Watch The Throne is trickling out after a small, exclusive listening event in New York last night, which was attended by journalists and a few lucky contest winners. The night was hosted by Jay-Z, who encouraged everyone to “sit on the floor" so "we can make it like camp,” and then answered questions for about an hour. A writer from The Fader tried live-tweeting the event and got kicked out of the room, but GQ managed to remember one hilarious Kanye couplet: “I’m about to say something crazy/John Galliano.”

GQ’s account also notes that “Jay-Z pressed play on the black MacBook in his lap” to start the album, which doesn’t seem like the ideal way to experience an album, but we’ll let that slide. He played eleven songs in total, and three snippets that might make the album: two with Odd Future’s Frank Ocean, one with Beyonce, samples of Otis Redding, “Ave Maria,” and some dubstep touches.


Jay-Z gave no indication of a confirmed release date or any information as to how the album would be released or what combination of labels would put the album out, so until there’s something truly concrete about Watch The Throne, it’ll have to go sit in the corner with Detox and the second Black Star album.

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