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Jay-Z and Kanye West debut "H.A.M.," something something food pun

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Arriving to stoke anticipation for the March 1 release of Watch The Throne, Kanye West and Jay-Z dropped debut single “H.A.M.” today via the album's Facebook page, borrowing a cup of euphemisms from Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane with their promises to “go ham”—as in “hard as a motherfucker.” Over a typically skittering beat from wunderkind producer Lex Luger (Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame), Kanye and Jay-Z trade verses while surrounded by soaring strings and huge backing choirs; sometimes it’s a bit silly, like hearing Howard Shore “go ham,” really. But all that symphonic bluster is equaled in the intensity of Jay-Z’s verse, which picks up after a somewhat formulaic Kanye intro about being awesome and getting head from white girls—albeit one that also features a clever Eli Porter reference—and offers possible restitution for anyone underwhelmed by Jay’s reading-out-of-Famous-Monsters-Of-Filmland cameo on “Monster” in the form of a rare, near-double-time ratatat that almost leaves him breathless.

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