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Jay-Z and Eminem perform “Renegade,” two songs that aren’t “Renegade” on the Ed Sullivan Theater rooftop

Last week saw the spread of rumors about a “secret” Jay-Z and Eminem concert in New York on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater. That show was soon nixed by The Man, a.k.a Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after a similar stunt by Drake nearly incited a riot. Thanks to a clever little loophole, however, Hov and Slim were able to play a short set for The Late Show with David Letterman by performing on the roof instead of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater, the New York Times has reported. The roof, according to the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting “is private property, is not visible from street level, and is beyond the scope of our permit.” Aside from displaying their formidable knowledge of city permits, Eminem and Jay-Z took turns performing their own tracks “Not Afraid” and “On To The Next One,” respectively, before teaming up for their tour de force collaboration from Jay-Z’s classic The Blueprint, reliving one of the only times Jay has allowed himself to be out-rhymed on his own song. The Performance is due to air on The Late Show this Friday, along with Eminem reading his “Top 10 Eminem Pieces of Advice For The Kids.”


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