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Jay Z and Beyoncé rumored to be conspiring on co-headlining tour

As heralded by the recent Blood Moon, Jay Z and Beyoncé are reportedly preparing to announce a co-headlining tour of all the major cities along Illuminati ley-lines this summer—possibly ending with a July 4 show in New York, at which they will complete a symbolic circle with our Freemason Founding Fathers. Of course, this is all just a rumor. (The tour details, that is; the couple’s Illuminati connections are well-documented across dozens of poorly designed, GIF-strewn websites.) So far, only Page Six is citing exclusive, unnamed sources who insist the two are readying a “20-stadium U.S. tour to start in late June,” building on some of the surprise appearances they’ve made recently at each other’s solo tour dates. For now, consider it just speculation, like the theory that “Crazy In Love” and “Drunk In Love” are just the precursors to “Hailing To A New World Order In Love.”


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