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As Jay Leno’s tenure draws to a close at the Tonight Show, his years there will soon be left to the historians—those duty-bound to ensure humanity remembers it has seen this, that it has heard about this. And now researchers at the Center for Media and Public Affairs have gotten an early jump on immortality by compiling a list of the most frequent targets of Leno’s satirical barbs during his two decades as host, up through his January 24 show. Sadly, it seems that under those constraints, Jay Leno was only able to make 4,607 jokes about Bill Clinton—even after NBC wisely reinstated him, knowing his work was not done. Fortunately, Leno still has until Thursday, and Bill Clinton still got a blowjob that time.


The list:

1. Bill Clinton — 4,607 jokes
2. George W. Bush — 3,239 jokes
3. Al Gore — 1,026 jokes
4. Barack Obama — 1,011 jokes
5. Hillary Clinton — 939 jokes
6. O.J. Simpson — 795 jokes
7. Dick Cheney — 673 jokes
8. Michael Jackson — 505 jokes
9. Monica Lewinsky — 454 jokes
10. Bob Dole — 452 jokes


Though not included in the study, it is believed that Jay Leno also joked about at least one other thing.

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