This, in reverse

Apparently already bored with driving around Los Angeles with his Mark Twain Prize For American Humor strapped into the passenger’s seat, Entertainment Weekly reports that Jay Leno is set to return to The Tonight Show as a guest. Leno presumably delivered the news to new host Jimmy Fallon in desk piece form, asking Fallon if he had heard about this and showing him a series of humorous “Help Wanted” ads calling for late-night hosts with network experience, a joke that Fallon did not find funny at all.

Leno is set to appear on the show this coming Friday, where he may jokingly ask Fallon if he can sit behind the desk just once, for old times’ sake, with a combination of wistfulness and desperation in his eyes. Fallon will presumably refuse, and tell Leno that if his own CNBC show about classic cars isn’t enough, he should take it up with Seth Meyers.