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Jay and Silent Bob are looking a little old in this first look at Kevin Smith's big reboot

Photo: Sarah Keayes (Getty Images)

Right at the beginning of this year, Kevin Smith made good on something he had been teasing for years when he confirmed that a Jay And Silent Bob reboot movie was in the works. As of this weekend, production has apparently been going smoothly enough for both Smith and co-star Jason Mewes to take a photo in costume as the 2019 versions of Silent Bob and Jay, even if that essentially means that they just look like they normally do but with longer hair. Smith unpacks what is different on his Instagram, noting that Jay is wearing a custom t-shirt of what would be the gritty reboot of fictional, in-universe superhero character Ranger Danger. It’s a subtle meta-gag on reboots that will only ever make sense to people who see the Instagram post or who are obsessed with the Jay And Silent Bob/Clerks universe, but it’s fun:


Smith also noted that they’ve complained a week of filming on the movie and have already locked in a bunch of celebrity cameos, but that’s really all we know about this big “reboot.” Elsewhere on Smith’s Instagram, he also posted a photo with Brian O’Halloran and teased that the old Clerks gang will also be showing up in the new Jay And Silent Bob movie.

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