From While updating fans about the status of an upcoming Jawbreaker documentary, Adam Pfahler, drummer of the beloved '90s punk band, casually mentioned that Jawbreaker recently reunited. Typed Pfahler:

"A few months back [the filmmakers] came to SF, and we got some really great footage with all three of us and Billy Anderson (who worked on Bivouac, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, and a couple one-offs as a producer/engineer). We even played together, but didn't roll footage out of both respect for the sanctity of the moment and fear that we'd suck. Anyway, I have audio of it. Maybe I'll post that some day."

Pfahler, bassist Chris Bauermeister, and singer-guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach have played in bands like J Church, Horace Pinker, and Jets To Brazil since Jawbreaker's dissolution following their 1995 swansong Dear You. As for the doc itself, the filmmakers have finished rolling the cameras and are fishing for a distributor to front some closing costs.


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