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Jawbreaker + reggae = Jahbreaker

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The highly influential, incredibly well-loved punk trio Jawbreaker left behind a catalog so influential it's become a touchstone for up-and-coming punk bands. It's been over 15 years since the band's dissolution; it's surprising that a reggae tribute took this long to happen. Jahbreaker, masterminded by Brian Moss (The Ghost, Hanalei, Olehole), appeared out of a cloud of ganja smoke, offering funny, loving, dub-infused updates of Jawbreaker's "Boxcar" and "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault."

Jahbreaker's Bandcamp page boasts that the songs will be released as a "split 7-inch with 311 coming early 2013," and offers an updated version of Jawbreaker's classic Morton Salt girl T-shirt with a new Rasta tagline: "When it pains it roars, mon." If the bouncy upstrokes and references to weed aren't enough, the Cool Runnings sample is enough to coax a smile out even the most jaded Jawbreaker fan.


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