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Javier Bardem to join Peter Pan origin story as villainous pirate (not that one)

Confirming that Joe Wright’s upcoming origin story of Peter Pan will hew more faithfully to J.M. Barrie’s original text than at least four or five of the other Peter Pan origin stories, Javier Bardem is reportedly in the running to portray Blackbeard, whose name actually appears in Barrie’s play, at least. Specifically, Peter Pan’s archenemy Captain Hook is described as being “boatswain to Blackbeard”—“boatswain” being the nautical term for “guy who should be reduced to a supporting character in case someone makes a prequel, um, something starboard side.” Bardem, of course, has a history of playing villains with notable hair, making him an obvious choice for a villain whose hair is so notable, it’s actually right there in his name. He’s also well-acquainted with the briny depths, having recently come face to face with Cameron Diaz’s vagina.

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