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Jason Sudeikis is leaving Saturday Night Live, for real this time

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Rumors that Jason Sudeikis is leaving SNL have become so persistent that “jason sudeikis leaving snl” is one of Google’s first autocomplete suggestions, right after “jason sudeikis shirtless.” But now Sudeikis seems to have finally confirmed what many have for so long suspected in the below video: Though not shirtless, he is definitely leaving Saturday Night Live. “I’m definitely done. I’m not coming back in the fall,” Sudeikis tells David Letterman in a Late Show interview airing tonight, effectively ending his 10-year run.


Again, that Sudeikis is out is hardly a surprise, given that Suedikis has been edging that way since last summer, returning only to ensure that someone out there made fun of Mitt Romney; that he appeared in Fred Armisen’s farewell sketch alongside the also-exiting Bill Hader; and that he basically already said last season was his goodbye. (Of course, that was in an interview where he also said he lost a bunch of weight by having crazy aerobic sex with Olivia Wilde, so it was understandably overlooked). Nevertheless, with Sudeikis officially joining Hader in the departed cast members, SNL’s lonely eyes no doubt turn to Taran Killam to fill all its game show host/average everyman needs.

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