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Author J.J. Connolly has written a follow-up to his novel Layer Cake, and as with that book, is adapting it into a screenplay. Jason Statham has snapped up the rights to the sequel, Viva La Madness, looking to produce the film as well as star in the same role that launched Daniel Craig into a life of Aston Martins and vodka martinis.

While it seemed a lot like [spoiler alert] Layer Cake's nameless protagonist died in the end of that film, if anyone can shake that off and get back to causing mayhem, it's Jason Statham. So in the sequel, he'll attempt to retire from a life of crime, which will go incredibly smoothly, allowing him to finally start writing that novel and get a lot of use out of his new fishing boat. And that's more or less how the movie will go, except replace "fishing boat" with "transatlantic money laundering," "novel" with "Venezuelan drug cartels," and "writing" with "being murdered by."

No director has signed on yet, but filming probably won't start until Statham clears a busy shooting schedule that already includes Expendables 3, Fast & Furious 7, a remake of Heat (the Burt Reynolds one, not the Pacino/DeNiro one), and Homefront alongside James Franco and Kate Bosworth. Filming five action movies in a year, possibly while being poisoned and shot at while driving 150 miles per hour? Sounds like a pretty good Jason Statham movie.


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