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Jason Statham fights the biggest shark ever in this trailer for The Meg

Everybody remembers that “bigger boat” scene in Jaws, but this trailer for The Meg makes it clear that there’s no boat big enough to protect you from its eponymous shark monster. Luckily, the people in this movie have something better than a bigger boat: Jason Statham, a man who has never met a problem he couldn’t punch the shit out of. Granted, it seems unlikely that even the mightiest punch from Jason Statham would phase ol’ Meg here, but maybe everything will work out fine if he just punches really, really, really hard.


This trailer doesn’t give us a ton of information about the shark’s motivation, so it’s still unclear if these humans deserve to be chomped so thoroughly, but hopefully the rest of the film will provide an adequate justification for Meg’s bottomless hunger for divers and swimmers. (Maybe Jason Statham killed its brother? Or maybe the shark is mad about Statham and Dwayne Johnson stealing the Fast And Furious series?)

The Meg was directed by National Treasure’s Jon Turteltaub, and it’ll chomp its way into theaters on August 10.

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