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Jason Segel will turn punk-rock dad documentary into punk-rock dad comedy

Last year's documentary The Other F Word explored the difficulties aging pop-punkers have coping with newfound fatherhood, and while one might say, "WHAT COMEDY IS LEFT TO BE MINED FROM THAT RIDICULOUS PREMISE?" all loud like that, because they listen to too much pop-punk, Jason Segel is now set to adapt it into an actual comedy. Segel and Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce have sold the concept to Fox as a starring vehicle for Segel, who will presumably star as a guy who slowly realizes that it's super hard for a guy in his late 30s to bleach his hair and wear bondage pants, now that he's got a kid and all of sudden those things seem kind of stupid. No doubt it will also balance that with genuine sentiment, to which end Everclear's Art Alexakis has surely already offered to show up and sing a shitty song.


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