Although Jason Segel was the driving force behind last year’s Muppets revival both on-screen and off, Jason Segel is needed many places, and there is only so much Jason Segel—hence, Vulture reports that another Muppets movie is likely going ahead without him behind it. Instead, Segel’s writing partner Nicholas Stoller and director James Bobin will have to tackle the screenplay and inserting all of its insidious subtext about ending capitalism themselves, because Segel will be too busy promoting his upcoming movies This Is Forty and Five Year Engagement, scripting various other screenplays, and of course, being trapped in the eternal roundelay of Josh Radnor’s dating women who are still not your mother. Nevertheless, there is still apparently a chance that Segel might star in the thing, provided he can find room in his suddenly very busy schedule. Perhaps this time it’s the Muppets who can come and coax Jason Segel into doing one more show—or maybe just turn feral and tear him limb from limb, like the nightmares I used to have as a kid. That would solve the problem, is all I'm saying.