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Jason Segel has a dystopian YA novel on the way

(Photo:  Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)
(Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

Jason Segel is the author of the best Dracula puppet musical in existence, but how will his writing skills translate to the world of YA dystopia? We’ll soon see, as Entertainment Weekly reports that Segel and Kirsten Miller are releasing Otherworld, the first in a trilogy of novels, this November. The book is about an all-consuming game, that, for now, is being described in pretty vague terms. Safe to say, it seems attractive, but dangerous. Segel himself called it “part mythic adventure, part sci-fi love story, entirely cautionary tale,” and explained how it draws from a game he played as a teen that eventually got shut down. “When I heard rumblings it was being reimagined for VR, I knew it was something Kirsten and I had to write about,” he said. Segel and Miller have also put out a series of children’s books together.


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