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Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, and Andrew Bird join Chris Rock in season 4 of Fargo

Photo: Tomo Brejc, Amanda Demme (FX)

Its been nearly a year since FX confirmed that a fourth season of Noah Hawley’s Fargo would be happening with Chris Rock in the lead, and now the network has finally released a larger cast list that has some other big names (both in terms of famous people and the very good names of their characters). As revealed in a press release, the new season will also feature Jack Huston as Odis Weff, Jason Schwartzman as Josto Fadda (very Star Wars), Ben Whishaw as Rabbi Milligan, Jessie Buckley as Oraetta Mayflower, Salvatore Esposito as Gaetano Fadda, Andrew Bird as Thurman Smutney, Jeremie Harris as Leon Bittle, Gaetano Bruno as Constant Calamita, Anji White as Dibrell Smutney, Francesco Acquaroli as Ebal Violente, and E’myri Crutchfield as Ehelrida Pearl Smutney.

The press release goes on to detail the plot of the season, which is set in 1950 and follows two criminal organizations—one Italian, the other African American—as they struggle with a shaky truce for control of Kansas City, Missouri. Rock’s character is the head of one of the crime families, and as part of this truce, he and the head of the other crime family have essentially traded their youngest children to be raised as part of the other family (like Theon in Game Of Thrones, we assume). The story is apparently about “immigration and assimilation” as well as “the things we do for money,” and it’ll air on FX in 2020.


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