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For those who have long been hoping that Adam Sandler would take off the cargo shorts of easy comedy, and don once more the baggy polo shirt of dramedy, Jason Reitman may have just the movie for you. Deadline reports that the director is hoping to follow his upcoming Labor Day with an adaptation of Chad Kultgen’s Men, Women & Children, a 2011 novel exploring the effects the Internet has on a group of junior-high students and their parents, as they use it for researching history and donating to charity. Just kidding: They use it for looking at extreme porn and cheating on each other, because this is a book—and possibly movie—that is meant to be interesting. Some of those parent roles could be played by Reitman’s shortlist of Rosemarie DeWitt, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, and, yes, Adam Sandler, who might revisit the screaming-in-a-funny-voice-on-the-inside sort of clown that he occasionally pulls out as a critical counterpoint, before getting back to farting out $100 million.


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