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Jason Momoa and Brad Peyton dramatically swing into a Just Cause adaptation

(Image: Square Enix)

San Andreas director Brad Peyton is already set to direct a movie version of the old Rampage arcade game, but now Deadline is reporting that he has also signed on to helm an adaptation of the Just Cause video game series with Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa in the lead. The video games are about a special agent guy named Rico Rodriguez, and he has a special knack for dropping into countries run by evil dictators and systematically destroying their entire operation through prodigious use of remote-detonated explosives, a cool grappling hook, and the superhuman ability to quickly move from the driver’s seat of a car to the roof so he can dramatically leap through the air while it crashes into something.

Assuming Peyton’s film (which comes from a screenplay by Master And Commander’s John Collee) is faithful to the basic rhythm of the games, this could easily be a Fast And Furious or xXx-style franchise for him and Momoa. Plus, since the plot of the game is only there to give the player a reason to blow shit up, nobody will care if the movie drops everything but the character’s name—and even that seems relatively superfluous.


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