From The Hotwives Of Orlando to Burning Love, reality TV appears to be a bottomless well from which comedians can draw ice-cold, refreshing bits. And the new, NBC-sponsored comedy-only streaming service Seeso is returning to that well with a new series, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. A parody of Bravo’s series Million Dollar Listing, the show is an ensemble comedy centering on seven real estate agents, including Mandell Maughan’s Victoria King, who‘s featured alongside guest star Jason Mantzoukas in a clip exclusive to The A.V. Club below.

Mantzoukas really leans in to the whole “hairy guy” thing in leather pants and a skull ring as celebrity photographer “Jerry,” whose artistic vision is guided by smell and whose fascination with corpses, pills, and licking the camera still only make him about half as creepy as Terry Richardson. Maughan, on the other hand, plays it straight as ambitious agent Victoria King, who, true to the reality-show spirit, will do “whatever it takes” to become a partner at the firm.


Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ premieres on Seeso on March 17.