Imagine this guy, but with kids (Memphis Beat)

Jason Lee may be taking a break from his singing rodent wards to star in a CBS pilot, but he won’t stray too far from the parenting model: Deadline reports the actor has just landed the lead in the sitcom What Goes Around Comes Around. The ominously-titled show will see Lee play the ominously-described character of Kenny, who’s a husband, father, and owner of a “hip music management company.”

What Goes Around Comes Around comes from Dan Kopelman (Galavant, Rules Of Engagement) and Aaron Kaplan (The Mysteries Of Laura, Instant Mom), and sounds like it will combine the karmic premise of My Name Is Earl with the inept-parenting hijinks of Raising Hope. Kenny and his wife, Robin (who’s yet to be cast), were once “wild and reckless teenagers,” but now they’re in their 40s and saddled—we mean, blessed—with three teenagers of their own. The former hell-raisers will find themselves struggling not to raise out-of-control teens, even though this stance probably conflicts with Kenny’s cool-dad ethos. We can already imagine a scene wherein Kenny walks in one of his three kids vaping, and when he asks them where they learned it from, they’ll snap back that they’re just following his example.